'Be not afraid of greatness:' 'twas well writ.

-Billie Shakespeare

Case Histories: Interactive Self-Running, Cross-Platform CD

One of the most successful IT (information technology) out-sourcing companies in America, taking on the single largest project in their history, asked us to document the entire process for review, for process improvement, and to train teams for future projects.

They assigned their people to us, and we did the same. Their experts proposed a system that would deliver most of the desired results, and would take seven months. By the end of the first month, we proposed an alternate solution that would deliver all of the desired results, and in only five months. We actually delivered in four-and-a-half months, despite changes to the requirements, and the completion of additional sub-projects within the project.

What our customer needed was to be able to distribute a complete history of the project in a format that could be viewed without additional software, by a person with limited computer skills, on either a PC, a Macintosh, or a Unix terminal.

We received 18,000 pages of:

We produced CD-ROMs that contained all the original files (which could be opened and edited if needed), plus Adobe PDF versions true to the originals. Except on a Unix system, where some navigation was required (and was explained by a clearly labelled "read me" file that appeared at the top of the Unix directory hierarchy on the disk), the CD auto-ran (on PC or Macintosh), and loaded Adobe Acrobat Reader, and then opened a Welcome page that explained how to navigate the files and extract the originals.