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"Be not afraid of greatness: 'twas well writ."

-Billie Shakespeare


Does this happen to your ideas?

Even the best idea loses something if it is not understood.



We write, ghostwrite, co-author, edit, illustrate, and publish on a broad range of topics (from bleeding-edge high-tech to natural health and gardening). As the world migrates to Web 2., content-management systems, and the ability to manage your own Web site, we are deeply involved in content for Web (not as simple as it once was).

Our Web offerings include writing for accuracy and clarity, for search-engine success (not something to be tackled by an amateur), and—as always—for being understood by visitors to your sites.


Even if you have nothing more than an idea (for a Web site, book, user guide, how-to book, e-book, promotional flyer), we can lay out for you the road map to a well writ effective communication product! We help you to define the communication products you need.

If you have a draft or manuscript, we can critique it for style and readability. Far beyond that, we can determine its chances of success, and identify whether there is a potential market, as well as where the demand for your book would be.

Writing and Editing

Many of us who are experts in our field can lack the skills required to deliver the information in a style that is easy to read. For these people, we offer ghostwriting and co-authoring services.

Even the best writers need an editor. If your material is well writ, an editor ensures that your readers understand what you have to say.


Even the clearest idea benefits from illustration. From line drawings to an attractive cover (that increases sales), we provide a broad range of custom icons, caricatures, line drawings, topic illustrations, photographs, and covers.


From proofreading, through to indexing and digital pre-press, most of us have no idea of the thousands of detailed steps that must be flawlessly executed before a printed or electronic document can be put into the hands of your readers. Many of our customers over several decades have never had to phone a printer, deal with massive computer files and layout issues because we take care of all of it.

Marketing and Promoting

Even the best book can sit on the shelves (or in boxes in someone's basement), if no marketing and promotion is done. The world has to know that your book is out there.

From press releases, through promotional tours, to your spot on Oprah and on the Internet, we can let the world know that your experience has been published and why everyone needs to buy and read it right now!

Effective Technical Communication

The goal of all forms of communication is understanding, regardless of the format.

The method is the same: organize information in such a way that it is accessible and enjoyable to read.

Applying analytical thinking to your communication products, we deliver solutions that increase productivity and customer satisfaction, while reducing inefficiency and technical support costs.

We produce highly technical documents that deliver the goods and hold the reader's interest.